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Family Planning & Antenatal Care

To book a Family Planning & Antenatal care appointment or ask any questions, please phone the practice on (02) 6248 5446 or (02) 6247 4807.


Key aspects covered in family planning include:

  1. Contraceptive options: Our GPs provide information on various contraceptive methods available, including contraception effectiveness, advantages, disadvantages, and considerations for different patient groups. Our GPs offer a range of options to help patients make informed decisions based on their needs.

  2. Sexual health screening and counselling: screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and providing appropriate counselling on safe sex practices.

  3. Preconception care: Our GPs provide preconception counselling and help patients prepare for a healthy pregnancy. This may involve addressing lifestyle factors, chronic conditions management, and genetic considerations to optimise pregnancy outcomes.

  4. Pregnancy planning and management: Our GPs managing pregnancies, including advice on prenatal care, screening tests, and referrals to specialist services or Canberra maternal options. Our GPs play a crucial role in supporting patients during pregnancy planning and throughout their pregnancy journey such as antenatal share care.

  5. Postpartum care: Include postpartum check , postpartum contraception, breastfeeding considerations, and emotional support.

  6. Fertility issues: assessing and managing fertility issues in patients seeking to conceive. This may involve discussing factors affecting fertility, coordinating investigations, and referring patients to fertility specialists as appropriate.

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